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       昆山市勝豐五金木業有限公司成立于 2000 年 1 月,位于交通便利環境優美的昆山市淀山湖鎮經濟開發區-新興路 4號。占地面積 9000 平方米,建筑面積 7000 平方米,注冊資金 1000 萬元(人民幣)。企業主要生產熏蒸、免熏蒸的木質包裝產品,木托盤、歐標 EPAL1 號托盤、EPAL3 號托盤、CP 系列托盤、包裝箱、快裝箱、可折疊使用圍板箱和大型包裝現場打包服務等,是 ISO 質量體系認證企業、埃帕(EPAL)托盤生產及維修執照商,并具有出境木質包裝    IPPC加施資格。
      公司堅持以客戶至上、質量第一、誠信為本的原則,以優質的服務和完美的品質使客戶滿意放心。公司期待著與您共創未來, 熱忱歡迎國內外新老朋友光臨指導、洽談!
      From January 2000, Kunshan Shengfeng Metal & Wood Co., Ltd. established 7,000m2 production plant at No. 4 Xinxing road in Economic Development Zone of Dianshanhu Town at Kunshan city in Jiangsu Province with registered capital of RMB 10 million.
      The main production of the company are fumigation and non-fumigation wooden products which include wooden pallets, EPAL pallets (EPAL#1 and EAL#3), CP series pallets, crates, plywood boxes, and pallet collars. We can also provide on-sit packaging service for customer as well.
      Kunshan Shengfeng is an ISO9000 certified enterprise, which has the certificate of HT mark authorized by IPPC, and can independently manage the import and export wooden product business. The company was also certified by EPAL with pallet production and maintenance.
      With the business philosophy of customer first, quality first, and integrity oriented, Kunhan Shengfeng will always provide the customer high quality products and superior service to create a better future together. We sincerely welcome new and old customer to visit and cooperate with us.
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